Best Night Vision Security Camera

We all know the importance of home security, but if you have a larger property, then you might be anxious about covering the entirety of your home.

This is why you should invest wisely in security cameras that you know will give you quality, high-definition images through the day and the night.

Best Night Vision Security Camera

Luckily, there are plenty of security cameras out there that offer great night vision, illuminating even the darkest corners of your backyard or front garden.

You’ll also want a camera that does not draw too much attention to itself and can be hidden discreetly.

So, what are the best night vision cameras for your needs? How much will you be looking to pay for one?

Which cameras perform the best in low-lighting conditions?

Well, we have compiled a list of some of the best night vision cameras that we can find online.


This first camera has one of the best night vision systems that we can find on the market.

This can pick out stationery and moving objects in your garden from around 90 feet away.

It is also great for performing in low-lighting conditions.

The neat thing about the Lorex camera (see also: Lorex Camera Review)is the fact that it will stay in color even when the lights are low.

It won’t switch to night vision until it is completely dark.

This will help if you are trying to spot something from the late evening into the night.

The night vision is also great, able to run at long distances, so you’ll be able to see further into the darkness and make out objects very clearly.

The Lorex also has smart technology, which will automatically track and separate certain objects.

This camera has incredibly high resolution. It runs at around 30 frames per second and is viewable in 40k.

This is ideal for getting a clear picture of any intruder that is on your property.

Sometimes you’ll need to have a very clear image for evidence against the perpetrator.

This also has generous storage space, even before you switch to the cloud subscription service.

This camera can allow you to clearly discern between any moving objects.

With this one, you’ll be able to tell distant moving cars apart from people walking across the street.

This is also one of the best cameras that you can use outdoors, as it is completely waterproof.

You can mount this one under your roof and you won’t have to worry about repeated water dripping onto it.

This camera does not require any subscription fees, as it does not use any cloud storage system.

This camera is also easy to mount and comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions.


  • Weatherproof – this camera is completely waterproof, which is essential if you are going to be mounting your camera outdoors. This is one of our favorite outdoor designs.
  • High definition and resolution – if you are looking to get high definition, crystal clear images from your security system, then you can’t go wrong with Lorex.
  • Color night vision – this will allow you to see every detail in realistic color. It is a great camera for making objects clearer during the nighttime hours.
  • Remote-triggered alarm – this has a motion sensor that will activate an alarm in your house to alert you to any unwanted visitors to your home.


  • No cloud storage – if you are rolling footage all day and night, then you might have to invest or subscribe to a separate cloud storage system for long-term coverage.


This next camera is amazing, not least of all for the quality of the footage that it captures during the day and the night.

This actually has smart AI that automatically heightens the lighter portions of your screen and reduces the dark spaces.

This comes with a digital zoom, which is very handy and will help you hone in on shapes and shadows that you might have doubts about.

You’ll always need to be sure that you have spotted an intruder before you put in a call to the cops!

The Google Nest Cam comes with great indoor features and it tops our list when it comes to interior monitoring.

This gives you around 15 feet of solid illumination, so you can be sure that this camera will cover even the largest of living rooms or kitchens.

You can also get a 135-degree view of any room if you install this camera.

Literally, no corner will go uncovered. It is also an incredibly discreet camera and there is no LED light that will give away its location.

There is two-factor authentication with this security system, so you won’t have to worry about anyone hacking into your security system and tampering with the video feed.

This also comes with a two-way radio system, so you can issue commands to the dog or any disruptive children from the comfort of your bedroom.


  • Easy to mount – this camera is very easy to set up and you can mount it on any surface in your home, whether it is on a shelf or on the wall using a magnet. This comes with a handy plug into the wall.
  • Great night vision – this is a great night vision camera if you are trying to cover your indoor areas during the dead of night. You can leave this running from evening right through until lunchtime the next day.
  • Mobile alerts – having to scroll through hours of footage is a thing of the past. Your Google Nest Cam will alert you through an app on your phone to tell you when it detects motion.
  • Two-way audio – you can communicate with other people in other parts of the house. You could even startle an intruder in the living room from the safety of your bedroom.


  • No local storage – you won’t be able to record hours and hours of footage without having to delete it every few days.


Next up, we have a camera that comes with some of the best outdoor night vision that we can find on the market.

It runs on battery power, so no leads or power packs are necessary. The battery life is also extremely long, so you won’t have to be changing it every few days.

This camera is sleek and black, meaning that you should be able to hide it in most corners of your home.

You can even hide this one in the trees, as there are no leads to expose its location.

Having a good place to hide your camera is one of the most important things about having the right model.

This will allow you to record so much footage daily.

This camera can record rolling footage, which is crucial if you’re going to keep it running throughout the night. 

You also won’t need to pay for a cloud subscription, as your footage will record right to the hub.

But the most amazing thing about the Blink (see also: How Much Is Blink Subscription)Outdoor camera is the battery life.

You won’t have to change the battery on this one for a whole two years!

That’s right, you can leave it alone in a bush without having to touch it for months and months.

This comes with a wireless hub unit that will transmit all the footage from your camera so that you can watch it either in real time or at a later date.

It comes with amazing night vision that can pick up all sorts of objects, whether moving at high speed or completely stationary.

This has infrared night vision, so you can expect a crystal clear image, no matter what the weather.


  • You can set up in minutes – this is a very easy setup, all you have to do is insert 2 AA batteries and the Blink system will prompt you to figure out the rest.
  • Long life – the fact that this camera will last for 2 years on just 2 AA lithium batteries is simply staggering. This is great if you want to leave your camera to do its thing with very little maintenance.
  • Discreet – this unit is very easy to hide in the day or night. There is no LED light that will give it away and you can tuck it into the smallest of corners. During the night, this thing will almost become invisible.
  • Phone alerts – when it detects movement, this camera will send an alert straight to your phone. This will alleviate your having to check it every five minutes.


  • No cloud storage – again, you will have to pay extra if you want a rolling recording that will download straight onto your Cloud storage device.


Now we have a premium color night vision camera that will detect any movement using its smart AI system.

This has a direct wifi connection which means your footage will upload straight to your hub without any need for additional wires.

This records in color night vision, which makes it much easier for you to pick out certain objects.

It also picks up everything on the screen in great high definition. 

It comes with an impressive 3000 lumens illumination system, great for picking up objects long-distance in the darkness.

This is a weather-resistant camera, meaning that you can mount it outside during the wind, rain and even intense UV sunshine, it will not get damaged.

This camera also has a 160-degree motion sensor, meaning that you can pick up a wide field of view.

This also comes with autocorrection in the visuals, which is another great feature that gives you a large, flat landscape image.

This also has two-way audio that will allow you to communicate with visitors wherever you are in the house.

This is amazing if you are welcoming someone in from another part of the house or you are trying to get the dog off the couch!


  • Great design – this camera looks amazing and you’ll be happy to hear that it performs very well too! You can mount it on the wall and get a great view of your whole backyard… from just one camera!
  • 2-way audio – this will allow you to chat and hear people through the camera speaker. It will also allow you to talk with visitors or scare away intruders from the safety of your bedroom.
  • Weather-resistant – this will be able to withstand lots of different weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about leaving it outdoors to record for hours, days and months.
  • Smart alerts – this will alert you via your phone app when it detects movement in your backyard. If you hate the idea of checking your camera footage every 5 minutes, this is a neat feature.


  • Needs regular recharging – this camera might need to be taken into your home to recharge more often than some of the other models on this list.


This next security camera (see also: Best Wireless Security Cameras)is affordable, sophisticated and extremely durable.

This is a tiny camera that you can store wherever you like, either in your backyard or in your home, without being detected.

This camera will help you detect even the smallest details, whether it is the license plate of an unknown car or the facial features of someone seen loitering outside your property.

This camera has vivid color night vision, which is great if you are prone to night-time break-ins and you want to be able to pick out the details of the intruder.

This also comes with protection against wind, rain and UV elements, making it an amazing camera for you to use on the outside of your property.

It can detect both movement and sound, sending an alert to your phone as soon as it notices any suspicious activity.

You can even raise an alarm when someone is breaking into your home.

This warning system will certainly startle intruders and give you enough time to call the authorities.

This also comes with a 2-way speaking system, so you can instruct an Amazon delivery driver where to put your order or you can tell your kids where to find the key without having to leave the kitchen or bathroom.

This also comes with high-speed wifi, which will beam your footage from your camera to your hub almost instantly.

This is amazing if you want up-to-the-minute reports on any movement in your backyard that might look suspicious.


  • Vivid color night vision – this is great for viewing intruders in the darkness, allowing you to get a look at the real color of their hair and their clothing.
  • 2 way speaker – this will allow you to hear your guests approaching as well as communicate with them without leaving your house.
  • Great wifi connectivity – this will allow you to review your footage without the need for hazardous leads.


  • A small unit – this unit might be difficult to set up due to its pocket size.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are shopping for a new home security system, you’ll want the very best features, most importantly of all, night vision.

Here are some things a security camera must have:

Does It Have Color Or Infrared Night Vision?

This can make all the difference when it comes to identifying any perpetrators.

With color night vision, you’ll be able to identify clothing or faces, which could help the police find the suspect later on. 

Infrared is also a good option and is usually a bit cheaper than color night vision.

Is It Weatherproof?

This will be essential if you are planning on mounting your camera outside your home.

An outdoor security camera (see also: Best Outdoor Security Cameras Without Subscription)will need to be made from materials that won’t let rainwater affect the delicate circuitry inside.

Does It Have Wifi Connectivity?

The great thing about most modern security systems is that they use wifi, which means that you won’t have any long leads trailing (see also: How Does A Trail Cam Work?)through the house.

With wifi, you’ll be able to beam the footage in real-time directly to your camera hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Have A Security System On My Property?

Most properties are susceptible to intruders and you might be especially on your guard if you have suffered from a burglary in the past.

Security cameras will not only help you detect intruders early, but they will keep a record of them that you can give to the police.

Why Should My Camera Have Night Vision?

Most suspicious activity occurs at night when you are asleep.

This is why you’ll want a camera running throughout the night, picking up details in the darkness that are invisible to the human eye. Color night vision will also help you pick out real-life colors.


We hope that this list of night vision security cameras (see also: Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews)has helped you to narrow down the model that will be most suitable for you.

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