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Now more than ever, digital security is at the forefront of our lives. Are you worried that your private information could be leaked online? Or unsure what antivirus and firewall protection is best to use to keep your information safe?

Hi, I’m Matt Anderson and I have been passionate about cybersecurity for many years. I’ve worked as that IT guy in many offices over the years, and I now work as a Software Development Consultant.

I’m the go-to person for my friends and family if they’re having issues with their tech, as many of us are for our parents…but I’ve always had an affinity for finding out exactly how our digital devices work. If you think about it, the modern world has seen so many changes in such a short time.

Nowadays, we have our own security camera in our homes, biometric safes, video doorbells, you name it. We rely on all things digital in our day to day lives.

Everything is linked, our Google accounts know our favorite locations, our daily coffee spots. Our phones can recognize familiar faces in our photos, our watches can call our moms with just voice recognition.

With such a boom in digital devices, it’s also opened up the opportunity for hackers to make their way into our devices, and find out sensitive information in just a matter of moments.

If you are interested in making your online presence, your home, your life and your family’s lives much more secure in the modern age, then my hope is that securityfuse.com has all of the answers you need.

I’ve set up this website as a hub of all things security, including which home cameras to purchase, how to use them, which software is safe, how to learn self defense, and how to make your online accounts secure from hackers. Join me in making your home life and online life worry free.


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