How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Hacking Machine? [Omni Rat Explained!]

It might be hard to believe, but it is possible to hack into something from your phone. Omni RAT is basically a remote administration tool that you can use to gain access to a device from your phone or computer. But is this ethical?

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Hacking Machine? [Omni Rat Explained!]

Well, it was first developed for benign reasons, and it is still used as a device to test online crime prevention software. You can run Omni RAT on Windows, Apple, Linux and Android. It will cost you around $20 and $25 for a lifetime subscription.

So how does Omni RAT work? Can you use it to hack (see also: What To Do If iPhone Is Hacked)into someone else’s device? Is it ethical to do so? How can you protect your phone (see also: Do You Need Antivirus Protection On Your Phone?)from getting hacked by this and similar software? Well, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about Omni RAT.

What Is Omni RAT?

This is an online remote administration tool that you can use to access devices from your computer. It was initially developed to help parents monitor their children’s devices from their own devices, but it has since been used for criminal activity such as hacking.

You can buy Omni RAT from its own website, where it only costs $50 for a full-time license. You can get it to work on Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac devices.

How Does It Work?

This device works by installing malicious hardware on your device, which then bypasses the security systems on your phone, which then allows someone to remotely control your device.

Users that have been targeted have claimed that they were prompted to download an SMS text, which then required the receiver to go through numerous different barriers before they could access their device.

The user of the device has to manually install it, which differs from a lot of other malware, which often downloads automatically. The person who is being targeted has no idea that their phone is being hacked by a third party.

In recent studies and investigations (it is illegal to hack someone’s personal phone without their permission), it was shown that the person usually targeting another person’s phone is someone that is known and usually trusted by them.

What Happens When Omni RAT Gets Onto Your Phone?

Judging from reports by victims, once the hacker gained access to their phones, they also had access to their emails and contacts.

There have also been other remote administrative tools (otherwise known as RATs) that have accessed the users’ camera phones and snapped pictures of them in compromising situations.

They are also able to take screengrabs of private messages on social media. This program can also be used to take screengrabs of desktops, again, accessing emails and personal messages and using them for blackmail.

How Can I Tell If I Have Malware On My Phone?

How Can I Tell If I Have Malware On My Phone?

There are a few different ways you can tell if there is malware on your phone. If you notice your phone behaving strangely, such as apps or your camera opening numerous times in the day without you touching it, this could be a sign that it is being remotely accessed.

Also, if your battery life is depleted a lot quicker, this could be a sign that anonymous programs are running in the background. Check your battery levels to see how much power is being used by your phone and if there are any unknown apps in the background.

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Omni RAT Threats?

Well, knowing that Omni RAT can get onto your phone through SMS texts, you should avoid following any prompts by random or unrecognized numbers.

If you do notice that one of the numbers that you are accessing is suspicious, then you’ll want to block it immediately. You can also get virus software for your phone that will help to block any potential threats.

It will also warn you if there is any suspicious activity on your phone. You can also clear your phone’s cache or restore the factory settings. This will get rid of any harmful software on your phone that might be running in the background.

VPNs are also a good method of evading hackers. This software helps to hide things like your IP address, which is often what hackers use to track you. This will also allow you to view websites incognito, which will also help you avoid those annoying pop-ups.

How Can I Use My Phone To Hack?

It is worth noting that it is illegal to hack someone’s device without their permission and you face a hefty fine or jail time for such an offense. However, you might want to hack into your own computer to try and test it against threats.

You might also want to turn the tables on a hacker that has hacked you and you want to gather evidence.

There are also phishing scams where a hacker will pretend to be a company in order to get your details, usually your email address, password or your bank account details.

You should always be super wary of giving out your personal details to anonymous people on the internet. There is another method of hacking that is called keylogging.

This is basically when someone spies on your computer, recording everything that you type. This is how a lot of hackers retrieve passwords from people’s accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Illegal To Install Omni RAT?

No, this software is perfectly legal to download, it all depends on what you are using it for. If you are hacking someone’s personal computer without their knowledge, then this is a crime.

Is Omni RAT Expensive?

You can get a lifetime membership for this software for anything between $25 – $50.


We hope that our guide to the Omni RAT has given you a better idea of what this software is used for and how to protect your phone against people who might use it to gain your personal information.

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