RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ) was designed to control and monitor activities of users likely for parents to monitor the activity of their children,s or if a boss want to monitor his staff either the staff is doing the job or not.

A the first RAT tools were used to monitor the activity of people over the computer systems running os such as Windows and for it they mostly use .net executeable botnets however java based rats are also famous in the market and are widely used to control linux , and other smartphones.

Now a research proves that usage of smartphone is increasing day by day and people are mostly using their smartphones to explore the internet however professionals still prefer to use Computer over smartphone.

Now today,s post is about one of the best Remote Administration Tool which could be used to operate and monitor your computer using your android phone. YES ! its true now you can control all of your users and can monitor their activity using android phone. This monster RAT tool could be operated using Android and also from your PC too. Its called ” Omni RAT ”

Omni RAT is developed on Android which could be used to target and control Windows OS , the best thing about it which makes this RAT different from other Remote Administration Tools is this RAT could be used to control from Android Phone however rest of the RAT software’s which are available in the market have command and control based on OS like Windows , or are simply controlled from Computer Systems. This Omni RAT is have interactive Interface and command & control structure which is available on PC and also on android phone.

Here are the best features of omni light which deserves a highlight.

System information
You can easily check the systems information that which operating system is running on the victims machine.

Drive Information
You can see the Total, Free and Used Space on each Drive on the clients machine

You can view, create and kill processes on the client machine.

Read out text
You can send text to your client which will be read out loud on his machine.

You can get and set the Clipboard of your client.

You can view the clients monitor and control its mouse and keyboard.

You can view your clients webcam.

You can record the clients microphone.

OmniRAT has several miscellaneous functions (e.g. Open Browser, Play Sound etc.)

OmniRAT is optimized and works best on Windows machines.

Mac OS
OmniRAT works on all Mac OS systems, but supports less features.

Clean Code
OmniRAT was coded carefully to make it stable and smooth.

Host File
You can view the host file of the client.

You have full access to the clients command line.

You can send various Messageboxes to your client.

You can chat with your client.

You can view, create, delete, rename, download, copy and move all files & folders on your clients machine.

You can view your clients location on your default maps app.

You can view all entered Keys of the clients Keyboard

You can view all Windows Services on your clients machine.

OmniRAT works on all Android Devices (Phones, Tablets) with minimum Version 4.0

OmniRAT works on all Unix machines, but supports less features.

Clean Design
OmniRAT has a clean and soft design, which makes it easy to understand and use.

Java Client
The Client was coded in Java to support as many OS as possible. It requires the Java Version 7 and is extremely persistent.

This RAT could be counted in worlds most cheapest RAT tools , because the price of this RAT is just 25$ and the best thing is it gives you lifetime license i.e it will not expire any time. it also give you complete support.

Have a look on Android Based Interface it looks pretty cool to monitor using android phone as i mentioned it can turn your android phone into a hacking monster.

Here is the video mentioned above shows how you can use it and make use of different features.

To purchase this RAT Tool simply visit their official website or click here ,
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